Fuziologix Studios offers the professional service of Music Production and Track Mastering. Our headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. Every artist typically has a company and manager that represents their business. There are specific rules that apply when it comes to two business coming together. A mandatory contract is required for every artist, please take the time to review all the fine print. Fuziologix Studios is an Apple Operating Studio. This doesn't mean that PC softwares are not allowed but please remember we are Apple Software specialists. Fuziologix Studios guarantees to reach the artists goal and final outcome. Keep in mind every artist is to pay $25 for every desired hour. This includes the use of a full studio set up and assistance in case of any questions. The studio uses many of the most updated top of the line music softwares out there in the music industry such as Logic, Ableton Live, Pro-Tools, Reason, and Adobe Audition. For any others specific questions, please resort to the Bookings Tab for contact information.